Monday, 7 March 2011

Nail of the Day - Monday, March 7th.

Todays nail colour is.. Jaded 320  from the new spring release from Revlon Top Speed fast drying nail enamel. 
(without flash)

Today I was in such a anti-winter and anti-any more snow and I really wanted some new spring colors for my newly grew nails. I went to my shoppers really wanted a mint green and the one they had at the store from Essie was more vibrant and less pastel that I wanted so I decided to get this Revlon product that was on sale (college girl budget here) This product was very opaque the first coat and is actually more liquidly then Id want in a nail polish but after two good coats it was the color I had wanted.

This is not an award winning formula but hey, for dollars I cant complain!
(with flash)


  1. This is a lovely colour :) xxx

  2. I have a minty/ lime coloured barry m nail varnish very similar to this and i love it!!!

  3. This looks really pretty! I love minty green nail polishes and they are so in right now! (: