Tuesday, 8 March 2011

how I stopped biting my nails..

I have bitten my nails sense as long as I can remember, Ive never had nice nails other then when I had acrylics. I had also tried everything, hot sauce, making someone be a constant reminder for me.. EVERYTHING. I had given up, whatever you can get your nails done anywhere right? and I had gotton good at hiding my fingers.
One day after a stressful day at work I went to get my nails done to relax and sense I am in college now and living on my own I told myself Id keep them on as long as possible because I have a habit of ripping them off as well.
SO I had kept the nails on for three weeks and then could see how long my nails underneath were getting and I coudnt resist taking them off to see my new nails. and VOLIA the longest natural nails I have ever had in my life. keep in mind they were still stumpy but great progress.
From that point on I have wanted to keep them nice and the want to have cute nail polish and nice nails was more important then the want to chew my nails.

So for all the girls out there I suggest paying the 30 dollars to get fake nails and leave them on as long as possible! I never thought Id have my very own nails. :)

 (my new and improved little nails)

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  1. I wish it was that simply for me to quit biting my nail. It is the one and only thing that makes me self conscious. I'm glad you were successful they look good I cant even tell you bit them! I followed you if you want to check out my blog here is a link =D http://savvycollegegirl19.blogspot.com/