Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mid-Week Questionaire!

1) Mood:
tried, majorly lazy. took the day off placement due to headaches and nine year olds don't mix.

2. What is the closest blue object to you?
the plastic plate my yummy oatmeal cookie candle is sitting on.

3) What is your favorite card game?
21 or go fish, thats all i really know how to play haha.

4) Current nail polish:
Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Lily 610.

5) Do you consider yourself to be a good dancer?
growing up i took every kind of dance class there is, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical as well as baton twirling. so in a chorography sence, yes but as in club dancing i get really self concious and would rather have someone to dance with haha.

6) What is the best haircut you have ever had?
I dont ever get my hair cut, yeah yeah i know its bad but my hair LITERALLY does not grow, i never have roots and my ends are really good. I do how ever cut my own bangs from time to time, and im the only one i trust to do it.

7) Current outfit:
dark wash guess jeans, new brown belt from garage, white bandeau, light purple loose tank top.

8) Do you have a fear of flying on airplanes?
not at all, flying means im going some place, and i love travelling. i actually enjoy airplane food airports are so interesting.

9) What is the last movie you watched?
The Blind Side is on currently.

10) Weekly goals:
finnish this week then enjoy my week off cause my little kiddies are on march break which mean so is Carly-Allison.

I hope everyone has a not as boring as mine, Wednesday :)

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